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Hi, Rayles here… Welcome to my online store, where you’ll discover products to easily create authentic Indian curries, from my kitchen to yours with easy to follow instructions.

All you’ll require is a few classic pantry staples and under one hour of your busy schedule to serve to you and your loved ones a beautiful, hand crafted Indian experience. True ‘Curry in a Hurry’!


I pride myself on the fact that my spice blends contain no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or any other hidden nasties, I’ve sourced only the finest and freshest herbs and spices to create my unique spice blends. This ensures when serving my curries to you and your loved ones you can be rest assured that you’re eating wholesome, delicious and healthy home cooked food.

For centuries it has been common knowledge that herbs and spices harbour therapeutic properties both on a medicinal and holistic level, this is the core of the offtherayles vision… food as medicine.

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