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Spice Origins

At offtherayles, we source our spices from premium spice traders, located all over the globe. We also try our best to source as locally as possible. Some individual spices, depending on the season and wholesaler, come from multiple countries.


Australia: Coriander (seeds), Curry Leaf, Fenugreek (seeds), Red Lentils, Salt, Sugar

Brazil: Cloves

Canada: Black Mustard, Yellow Mustard, Mustard (seeds)

China: Star Anise

Guatemala: Cardamom (ground), Cardamom (pods)

India: Cardamom (ground), Chilli, Coriander (ground), Cumin (ground), Cumin (seeds), Garam Masala, Ginger (ground), Mehti Leaf, Paprika, Turmeric

Indonesia: Cardamom (ground), Cinnamon, Cloves

Madagascar: Cloves

Sri Lanka: Cloves

Tanzania: Cloves

Turkey: Bay Leaves

Vietnam: Black Peppercorn

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