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Traditional meaning: Loose translation is meat marinated in vinegar and garlic


Hailing from Goa, this fiery and tangy blend will tingle the tongue, with pepper, clove and 15 other spices…


As my dealer once said to me (my spice dealer) ‘its not all about the chilli, its about the yin and yang of flavours’ from the sour of the tamarind to the sweetness of the sugar this dish finds a beautiful balance that will leave your sensations satisfied.


Cooking/Serving suggestions

• The longer you marinate your protein, the more intense the flavour will grow –  try overnight or if you’re time poor

• Veggie option suggestion – eggplant, cauliflower, green capsicum.

• Perfect with basmati rice, chutney, a few rotti, and Dahl, Darl? for a complete offtherayles experience.


Rayles tip:


I love to prepare this with Pork Fillet (again butcher cuts for me into stirfry slices) and chopped eggplant to marinate overnight. I say on the instructions that this is a dry curry, don’t make the mistake of adding more liquid if you think its looking dry, the idea is for it to be thick enough to sit on the plate without the sauce running. I like to serve all four curries at once when I serve the findaloo as each one compliments the other.


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