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This unique blend made up of twelve sacred medicinal spices will tantalise your palate and warm your soul.


For years I tried to source a spicy chai blend without caffeinated tea leaves to but no avail, so hence the birth of ChaiMeUp.


ChaiMeUp compliments my entire range of products, from my curry packs, to my spice rub and vegan stock paste, this too can be used as part of your Indian cooking, adding the blend to a savoury dish as whole spices in the initial cooking stage will give heat, body and depth.




I usually add a spoonful of ChaiMeUp and a spoonful of local honey and steep in boiling water for 5mins or so, then add your milk of choice.


My favourite at the moment is coconut or macadamia, but any milk you desire will enhance the flavour.

Served without milk is also amazing, with or without a sweetener, you get to choose.

Add some black tea leaf of choice if desired, with our blend you have the choice to tea or not to tea.

And remember the longer you steep the warmer the peak… Give ours a chai!


As with all of products… 100% natural, Vegan, Gluten Free, 100% Yum!


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